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With SNL : you access to a modern social network

Many functions of the social network:

First of all you have to create your profile, with, if you want, a photo.
You can, whenever you want, publish messages (private or advertising), or photos or videos, and you can follow the publications of the profiles of your friends.

Your messages, photos and videos can be edited or deleted. You can post these items privately to one or more people of your choice or send or receive a private message.

Of course, you will be able to search by existing members to find contacts you know or would like to know.
At any time you can see the status of a member (offline or online).

A confidential "chat".

You also have a live chat.

This one is extremely confidential because the messages that you write on this chat are not registered on our server and are encrypted. They remain very confidential. They are part of your privacy and can not be known to anyone (except someone who has your password, if you have not deleted your discussions). So be vigilant with your password.

So you have total confidentiality.

With the confidentiality in your financial life (thanks to the NNC), you will also find a confidentiality in your exchanges with your contacts.

Enjoy SNL.