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For a social network, the choice of network marketing was essential

A unique operation for a social network

It's not mandatory, but if you wish, you have a referral link in your account. By transmitting this one to your friends, family and contacts, then you can receive substantial rsponsoring commissions on 3 levels.

10% on your sponsored members.
5% on members sponsored by friends you have sponsored.
3% on members sponsored by friends of your friends.

These percentages are paid on each of their payments. So, you will be able to earn money by finding your friends, family and contacts on the SNL private social network.

So, invite your friends to come on SNL. Sponsor people on our SNL social network, this will allow you to chat with them, show them photos of your life and publications or information about yourself. Then, you can make money together through the NNC! 
And, of course, you will receive sponsoring commissions.

Nobody has proposed this but NSL did it !

This makes NSL a unique social network.

Discover a new social and financial life.

Sponsor friends, contacts and family and earn money!