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Your free shop!‚Äč

When you become a member of its network, SocialNewLife allows you to create an online shop for free.

This shop is easy to upload and if necessary our services can offer help.

You can also talk about your shop in your "post" on SNL and make any advertising you want.

Your shop will be visited by all members of the SNL network.

You tell us the prices of the products or services you sell in Dollars or Euros and they will be automatically updated in NNC by our software.

The NSL guarantee

NSL will be a trusted third party for any transaction. This means that SNL collects the payment from the buyer, and when he confirms that he has received the product or service, SNL gives you this sum, minus 2%. This offers a total guarantee of a safety for your buyers.

Security and seriousn of the exchanges is often a problem on the Internet. Here, this problem does not exist thanks to SNL's trusted third-party service. Thus, SNL members will not hesitate to make a commercial transaction with you.

Of course, you will have to choose an attractive product and a competitive price!

Other services are planned to facilitate the trade between members: Auction, sale of used products and many others.
If you have any proposals or ideas for commercial services, do not hesitate, we are at your disposal.

A new economic world is open up to you.

Take it!

Attention you must verify that the products and services you sell are legal in your territory of residence.