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There are 4 ways to make money.

First way: The bonus

The concept of the bonus is very simple: When you buy, for example 100 NNC, you will actually receive 340! Yes, 240 offered for 100 purchased. You will immediately receive the 100 purchases then, each month, you will receive 20% bonus for one year. So a total of 240 NNC free. And this on each of your payments! You are therefore guaranteed to earn 240% on NNC over a year!

Your NNC and bonus NNC are convertible into Euros or Dollars at any time, so your funds are always available. No time to sell your NNC and take your profits or get your money back. It's when you want it!

When you request a withdrawal, the minimum is 50 euros (55 dollars). So you can, for example, each month, resell your NNC bonus and cash it. You can recover your funds and profits at any time.

The monthly bonus of 20% is paid to you in two times each month. As a result, you will receive 10% on the 1st of each month and 10% on the 15th of each month.

Second way: Rising NNC prices

Do you want more? This is possible with the rising price of the NNC. If it goes from 1 to 2 Euros, you double your winnings, bonus included!

Let's take an example:
You buy 100 NNC, you get 240 bonus, which will be 340 NNC.

Then the NNC Course goes from 1 to 2 euros, Your NNC are double. Your investment of 100 euros will be: 100 + 240 = 340 multiplied by 2, or 680 Euros.

If the increase in the NNC is 50% and the price goes from 1 to 1.5 then for 100 euros invested, you get: 
100 + 240 = 340, plus 170 (50% of 340), or 510 Euros.

The bonus gives you, a minimum of 20% NNC gains per month, and the NNC price rises your gains! Of course the increase is never linear, but know that the price of the NNC rose from 0.05 euros in early 2014 to 0.85 in October 2018, 17 times more!

Don't forget the rise of the NNC value when you calculate your profits.
Profitability, availability and added value. That's what we offer.

Third way: Sponsoring

This is optional, but may allow you to significantly increase your earnings.
You have a referral link to advertise SNL, and if someone signs up using your referral link, you will receive:

10% at the first level.
5% at the second level.
3% at the third level.

And this with each payment of sponsored person.

Come on in a new financial and economic life. This is NSL's reason of being.

Fourth way: Your online shop.

You can create a free online store. This shop will be visible to all SNL members.

You can sell goods or services. You must verify the legality of the product or service you sell, in your country of residence.

By a software system, the  prices  you  enter  in  Dollars  or  Euros  are  automatically  converted in NNC.

Buyers in your online store pay in NNC. In this transaction, NSL acts as a trusted third party and cashes your customers' payments, and once the merchandises or services are delivered, NSL transfers your NNC minus 2% which is the trusted third-party service price.
And of course then, you do what you want from your NNC. You keep them, sell them, or transfer them to another member. It's up to you.
Discover now a new financial and social life.