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The alternative currency of the SNL social network is the NNC (Net New Coin). It was created in 2014, with the social network SNL.


NNCs are expected to be issued in a limited number of 63 million units. Once this amount of issue is reached, no more NNC will be issued and to acquire this currency, people will buy from those who own it. The limitation of the number of units issued is intended to respect Igor Nazarenko's theory, and of course this will create a scarcity effect and will make rise steeply the price of the NNC. In  January  the  1st  of  2019,  there  are  only  42 millions NNC to be issued.

At any time every member of NSL can buy or sell NNC against Dollars and Euros. The transaction is immediate. For this, a specific interface has been created in the back office of the members.

This ensures significant liquidity for the NNC. Everyone can when he wants to exchange his NNC against Dollars or Euros, there is no blocking period or delay, the operation is immediate. Everything is extremely simple and easy. So, the NNC can be used like any other currency in the world.

A bonus for any purchase.

This is an exceptional offer not to be missed: 
For any purchase of NNC, the company offers you 2.4!

Take an example: For 100 NNCs purchased you receive 240 NNC for free plus the 100 you buy. So you buy 100 and you receive 340. These 240 NNC bonuses will be offered at a rate of 20 per month for one year, and this offer will be renewable each year until all 63 millions NNCs are issued. Of course, if you resell or donate all or part of your 100 NNC purchased, you will no longer receive the bonus on the amount of resold or donated NNCs.

Bonus NNCs have exactly the same characteristics as the ones you buy. They have the same value, they can be exchanged at any time for Dollars or Euros, and finally they can be exchanged at any time between members.

The  NNC  offers  you  a  gain  of  20%  per  month, plus  the  gains  on  the  rise  of  the  price  of  the  NNC  (See History).
This is  a  unique  and  exceptional  offer  that  will  make  the  NNC, the  most  profitable  virtual currency of all!

The NNC can only be acquired and used by members of the SNL network.

With this currency, members can make payments or receive payments for the purchase / sale of merchandise or service or any other transactions. Everyone can freely transfer NNCs to other members of SNL without having to justify anything.

But, attention, if you use your NNC to buy or sell a product or a service prohibited in your country, you will be responsible for your acts to the judicial authorities, as it would be the case with Dollars, Euros or anybody what other currency.

The price of the NNC.

The NNC price is set once a day. This is fixed by supply and demand.
The company does not set the price of the NNC arbitrarily. The price is determined by software, according to buyers and sellers according to the law of supply and demand, as is the case for any currency other the world.

History of the NNC prices

January 2014: 0.05 Euros:
January 2015: 0.08 Euros: + 60%
January 2016: 0.13 Euros: + 62.5%
January 2017: 0.21 Euros: + 61.5%
January 2018: 0.43 Euros: + 104.7%
January 2019: 0.88 Euros: + 104.6%